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The Professor’s Academy Aims to Bring Scientific Visual Arts to Underserved Youth

When traditional schooling is not enough, sometimes we need to bring creative solutions into our communities.

The Professor’s Academy is a non-profit providing informal learning through photography workshops. Founded by professional and expert photographer Michael Anthony is a creative educator and mentor. The informal education workshops are unique learning opportunities that allow students to explore and discover the world around them using creative digital art technology. The Professor's Academy has a mission to serve the underserved youth in any community via the mobile academy coach equipped with exciting arts and science projects.

Michael Anthony's goal is to educate and inspire our youth. The process is seeing is believing. A mobile technology coach or bus will be just a tool. Positive exposures to today's technology, is extremely inviting and inspiring. 

We will explore through commercial and private companies the latest artificial intelligence usage,drones, lenticular technology, macro photography, still-life photography, digital and other video technology.

The Professor’s Academy’s mission is to expose our youth to a whole new world of opportunities that they wouldn't experience otherwise.

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