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Professional Photographer

The Professor’s Academy grew from a professional photographer, and an educator who wanted to give our youth a chance to explore, be inspired and stay informed; learning by positive exposure is key.

The Professor’s Academy, an established certified California non-profit, came to life from a gallery show that founder Michael Anthony produced. Inspired by the public response from the showcase of the African-American inventors and scientists the T.P.A was born. Mr. Anthony, who has been working as a professional scientific photographer for over 30 years, wants to continue to use his experience to inspire and educate others.

His vision is to acquire an educational mega bus to bring scientific visual arts workshops to underserved youth in the Northern California area. Mr. Anthony wants to provide students with the opportunity to use technology and connect to other institutions, such as technology companies and police departments that can put visual science into action. The goal is to supplement the education they already receive.

Michael Anthony hopes to make this dream a reality with the help of like-minded individuals and their donations. The mission in motion is an idea that could become a life changing initiative.

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