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The Professor's Academy rely's on community support to succeed at serving as many youth as possible. Below are some of the supporters that donated their resources and time to giving these young people a new perspective on positive learning experiences. 

2022 Thank  All You! 

For the $ Donations.

▪Benevity and its partner The American Online Giving Foundation

▪Gwen Stringer Family

▪Gryphon Technology, Livermore California

▪Michael Anthony Fine Art Production

December 2019

The Professor's Academy and Oakland Home Depot team up to donate fifteen Christmas trees

to Oakland High Street Boys and Girls Club.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2020 to all.


The Boys and Girls Club, Oakland California

Branch Director, Chris Longwood, made a special effort to providing support and cameras for our students at the Boys and Girls Club. He had been interested for while in providing a photography based program at The Boys and Girls Club. Chris has been a super supporter of The Professor's Academy and its Digital Media Storytelling project. 

King's Boxing Gym, Oakland California

Mr. and Mrs. King, the owners, were happy to accommodate our collaborative digital storytelling project between Professor's Academy and the Boys and Girls Club. When the students arrived Mrs. King made an announcement over the gym loudspeakers "The youth from the Boys and Girls Club in Oakland are here to tell a story with their cameras would like the members take a moment to participate in helping them". 

Oakland Fire Department, Station 17, Oakland California

Lieutenant Wale Foster, of the Oakland Fire Department, was extremely happy to participate in giving the students access to the fire station. The students had a chance to ask questions and capture real moments of the firefighters work experience. Suddenly the students recognized a emergency call coming into the station, their quick response allowed them to follow the action at the station while the firefighters prepared to leave. It was as amazing to watch the students fanned out to and record their subjects.

Type A Machines Company (3D Printers), San Leandro California

The Type A Machine Company specializes in 3-D printing machines. Nate Spohn, the marketing and PR manager, was very accommodating to our students. He allowed the students access to part of their development and research facility, this developed into a very fun evening for the students as they learned about the technology. The student's videos shows lots of smiles, curiosity and their appetites to learn. The experience was infectious for everyone involved.

Paramedics Plus Ambulance Service, San Leandro California

Jerry Johnson, manager of Paramedics Plus Ambulance Company of San Leandro,

dispatched their vehicle to the Boys and Girls Club one evening. Our students fielded question, recorded answers and document the EMTs job career perspectives. They captured information about ambulance protocols, processes and lifesaving techniques. They had a chance to enter the ambulance, touch the tools and observe technology used to save lives daily.

Marriott Hotel, Oakland California

The Oakland Marriott Hotel management allowed our students to record and capture landscape images from the 21st floor ballroom observation windows. They captured the fantastic landscape views of Oakland's north, east and west cityscape. The students performed a helium balloon science experiment where they successfully managed to capture and record 3 balloons rising from street level until each one disappeared into the clouds.

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